About Us

Who are we? Well, we are three pathetic ner—err—super cool manly dudes who enjoy screaming our heads off at videogames and making fools out of ourselves for your viewing pleasure!

Dan: Site admin. Primary video editor. Bullshitter extraordinaire. Takes pleasure in other’s misfortune. Anything for the LuLz.

Panda: Secondary Video Editor. Wittle baby of the group. Exploitable short temper. Strong proponent of equal rights… and LEFTS! Asian.

John: Thinks video editing is indistinguishable from magic. Court Jester. Gives ZERO fucks. Possibly a psychopath. Just likes to watch the world burn.

Together, we are BrainShart Studios.

We are Idiots.

But we are idiots with one common goal: TO BUILD THE GREATEST YOUTUBE CHANNEL OF THEM ALL!!!

Yeeeaaahhhhh…. That didn’t quite work out the way we planned…

Now, armed with only a handful of overall views and a dwindling fan base, OF COURSE the next logical step is our very own website!… God, what are we doing?…

That’s where YOU come in! If we are to succeed, then we need more people like you to come join the fun. Laugh with us, laugh at us, stare at your screen whilst internalizing your emotions, WHATEVER! I only hope you join us on our quest to give YouTube demonetization the finger!

So STAY a while! Browse the site, check out our YouTube Channel and our Facebook Page and MAYBE our Twitter… if we can ever seem to figure it out… forgive us, we’re old.

Who knows, if enough of you do that, it just might inspire us to come out of hiding and jump back on the horse. I know, Heaven forbid, right?

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