Monster Hunter

We love Monster Hunter. I mean, we really REALLY love Monster Hunter. Odds are we will be covering it more than most games on our blog, so it might as well have its own section. Happy Hunting!


It’s Official! Cactuars Might Just be the Most OP Thing in Anything EVER!

“And here we have Diablos, in a literal food fight with his own food… … And lost.” – Random YouTube Comment. That one comment sums up everything you are about to see quite nicely. Team Darkside… You magnificent bastards! I READ YOUR BOOK—err—I watched your videos! Just when I thought these guys couldn’t do anything […]

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How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to The Center of a Monster Skull Pop?

I previously wrote about Team Darkside and how they utilized their knowledge of Monster Hunter World to kill pretty much every large monster (mostly) with a single volley of Gatling gun ammo (check that out here). But that’s a vast number of tiny hits like pin pricks over a 10 second span or so. Pretty […]

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My Personal Top 10 for Iceborne. I Can’t WAIT to See How I Did!

With Iceborne quickly approaching (and a brand new super hype website that that lacks content and needs fans and clicks) I thought it might be fun to offer up  my take on the latest expansion and speculate on what monsters I’d personally like to see added to the game. It’ll be interesting to see how […]

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Dauntless Has a Problem, But it’s NOT With the Game!

So, after what feels like forever, Dauntless is finally available to the masses… at least, in theory. The game is simply fantastic, a real joy to play… if you can play it… Yeah, day one of Dauntless’ official release was a little rocky. Day two was actually worse somehow. Don’t get me wrong, I want […]

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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes! These Numbers are INSANE!

Team Darkside is at it again! As a refresher, or if you don’t know who they are, Team Darkside is a Youtube channel dedicated to… how do I put this exactly?… I guess, BREAKING Monster Hunter is a good way to put it. I could never hope to be as good at this series as […]

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