How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to The Center of a Monster Skull Pop?

I previously wrote about Team Darkside and how they utilized their knowledge of Monster Hunter World to kill pretty much every large monster (mostly) with a single volley of Gatling gun ammo (check that out here). But that’s a vast number of tiny hits like pin pricks over a 10 second span or so. Pretty Impressive stuff to be sure. 

But what about a SINGLE HIT? Sounds crazy… Well, you CLEARLY don’t know the unbridled power of the Great Sword then!

Using their extensive knowledge of the game’s mechanics and monster weakpoints, Team Darkside thought it might make for a fun challenge to see, not if you COULD one-hit kill monsters in the game, but just how many of them can be dispatched in such a way. The number may actually shock you! Or maybe I’ve already given too much away? You will just have to watch the video below to find out!

Oh, and that ending is just plain MEAN!… I love it!

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