Can Three Grown Men Play This TRASH While Keeping Their Dignity and Sanity Intact?

Right off the bat, I feel it’s probably necessary to “explain” the gag here. This was our attempt at an April Fools joke. We were all very much looking forward to Persona 5’s release in just a few short weeks (from the time of shooting) and with April Fools being shortly before that, we had a great idea to have some fun.

Leaks have become commonplace in gaming and we wanted to play that up. That said, we had no clue what this game was or what it was based on, only that whenever we would head over to our local Gamestop to look for potential content for our channel, this game was always there to greet us. It became something of an inside joke for us, where whenever we would have some games at the register, one of us would almost always throw this game on the pile. We’d laugh, then put it back.

That changed when we ACTUALLY caved and bought it, dignity be damned. For the record, we didn’t lose anything in the transaction (apart from said dignity). We literally bought it, came back, shot this episode, and IMMEDIATELY took it back for a full refund. All that just for a dumb joke.

This might not be the WORST game we’ve ever played, but it’s a big contender for one of the most pointless. Clearly, we are not the target demographic, but I hardly think that even pre-teen girls could get much out of it, fans of the show or not..

Anyway, check out our TOTALLY LEGIT LEAKED GAMEPLAY OF PERSONA 5… even though it’s been out for almost two years now, but hey that’s beside the point! It felt better to my soul than writing “enjoy watching three grown men playing Monster High!” with a straight face.

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