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My All Time Favorite E3 Moment EVER! Trust Me, It’s NOT THIS!

E3 is this coming week, and I’m cautiously optimistic about it. I wish I could say “I’m super excited and pumped zOMGz I can’t WAIT!” but I’m just not there this year. What with Sony not even showing up this year, and the cringy virtue signaling and blatant pandering of last year’s show, I’m just […]

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It’s Official! Cactuars Might Just be the Most OP Thing in Anything EVER!

“And here we have Diablos, in a literal food fight with his own food… … And lost.” – Random YouTube Comment. That one comment sums up everything you are about to see quite nicely. Team Darkside… You magnificent bastards! I READ YOUR BOOK—err—I watched your videos! Just when I thought these guys couldn’t do anything […]

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The Stunningly Impressive Story Behind BLINDFOLDED Punch-Out!! is One for the Ages!

Do you have about 40 or so minutes of spare time on your hands? Because I have something to show you! If you are familiar with a little series called Punch Out, then odds are, you aren’t very good at it. If so, don’t feel too bad, it’s totally normal. I’m pretty terrible at it, […]

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Punch Out is a series older than I am. I played my fair share of it when I was a kid, but I was never very good at it. My reflexes were never good enough, even as a child. If I were to play it today as an old ass man, I’d probably do even […]

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How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to The Center of a Monster Skull Pop?

I previously wrote about Team Darkside and how they utilized their knowledge of Monster Hunter World to kill pretty much every large monster (mostly) with a single volley of Gatling gun ammo (check that out here). But that’s a vast number of tiny hits like pin pricks over a 10 second span or so. Pretty […]

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