Punch Out is a series older than I am. I played my fair share of it when I was a kid, but I was never very good at it. My reflexes were never good enough, even as a child. If I were to play it today as an old ass man, I’d probably do even worse. That said, I’ve always admired the people who were good at it. It’s just one of those things in gaming that would always make me go “wow, that’s pretty damn impressive!”

Granted, I’m just talking about people who are able to play the game NORMALLY. This video is ANYTHING but normal. Now, I’ve seen people speed run Punch Out. I’ve seen people beat Punch Out with one hand. Hell, I’ve even seen people play and beat Punch Out BLINDFOLDED (more on that at a later date)! The video I’m sharing with you today is none of that.

This video from YouTube Channel Skip the Tutorial is something altogether different.  He put forth a challenge to beat Punch Out (the Wii version) with only ONE PUNCH! Now, that’s not to say he “breaks” the game or does anything really “out of the ordinary”… Unless, of course, you consider NOT punching in a game called Punch Out “out of the ordinary,” that is. No. His “One Punch Challenge” is very much exactly what it sounds like.

Watch the video below for yourself to see what I mean. This is a real test of a gamer’s mettle, and I applaud him for it! He did a hell of a job doing something pretty much no one ever asked for or knew they wanted. This man has the patience of a saint, that’s for damn sure!

If you liked what you just saw as much as I did, you might wanna head on over to YouTube and give Skip the Tutorial a quick follow and check out the rest of their content.  You’ll be glad you did.

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