River CIty

We Spent a Week in River City, and (Barely) Lived to Tell the Tale!

River CIty

Oh man, I could really use a nice vacation. I mean, who couldn’t, right? There’s just nothing better than a nice relaxing vacation. But like most things in life, you really gotta be careful what you wish for. Sometimes, you just won’t like what you get.

This much was most certainly true for the BrainShart crew when our buddy Panda won 3 free tickets to visit River City! It shoulda been great! River City is a really cool place, filled with culture and food and fun!

Oh and gang violence. Lots and LOTS of brutal and vicious gang violence.

Perhaps we should have known better… But hey, it’s a free vacation! What more can you ask for. I mean, it’s not like we were going to Detroit, right? It could have been worse.

We thought it might be a fun idea to take our shitty old camcorder along for the ride too (cuz it’s like the 80s down there or something) and we would document our trip for the world to see! What follows, is our attempt at vlogging as we see the sites. Watch as we try to survive the mean streets as we attempt to find SOMETHING worthwhile to salvage during our… Week in River City!

Day Zero:

Nothing much to say here. It was a long flight. And I do mean LOOOOONG. We didn’t film much. We just wanted to get to our hotel and rest up for the road ahead. Also, it seems getting turned into 2D pixels as you get off the plane just REALLY takes a lot out of you. Not sure why it happens in River City… maybe it has something to do with the elevation. But what do I know? I’m no scientist!

And so begins our River City Odyssey. Click on over to the next page to see where things go from here. You better strap in, things are about to get weird…–er.

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