Can Three Grown Men Play This TRASH While Keeping Their Dignity and Sanity Intact?

Right off the bat, I feel it’s probably necessary to “explain” the gag here. This was our attempt at an April Fools joke. We were all very much looking forward to Persona 5’s release in just a few short weeks (from the time of shooting) and with April Fools being shortly before that, we had […]

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Which Thanos is BEST Thanos?

I’m something of a collector. Believe it or not, this hobby is fairly new to me. Since 2015, I have been collecting Hot Toys Marvel figures, and while quite expensive, I haven’t slowed down. As the MCU has grown, so too has my collection. At first, it was more of a curiosity. I went to […]

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Ladies and Gentelmen, My New FAVORITE Thing on the Internet!

Right off the bat, I feel like I need to say something. I’m not a fan of Polygon as a website. I’m just not. I don’t really want to get into specifics or anything, I just wanted to give you some perspective here. I say that because, while I have no love for their site, […]

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panda 1

My All Time Favorite E3 Moment EVER! Trust Me, It’s NOT THIS!

E3 is this coming week, and I’m cautiously optimistic about it. I wish I could say “I’m super excited and pumped zOMGz I can’t WAIT!” but I’m just not there this year. What with Sony not even showing up this year, and the cringy virtue signaling and blatant pandering of last year’s show, I’m just […]

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A Tale as Old as Time. A Song as Old as Rhyme… It’s Beastly on the Wii!

Oh boy, this one was a real roller coaster of emotions. I remember it vividly. There was a major blizzard headed our way, but the three of us still wanted to get some filming done. If the reports were accurate (which they very much ended up being) we would be looking at about a week […]

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