BrainShart’s Epic Conclusion to “The Beastly “Saga”: Breaking Wind Part Whatever”

So how about that cliffhanger, eh? If you are here and you didn’t see the previous part, be sure to check that out first by clicking here. I’ll wait… … All caught up now? Good! So Beastly is absolute dogshit. Am I taking about the book? The movie? The game? Well, that’s for you to […]

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Like the MiB Themselves, You Will WISH This Game Stayed a Secret from the Rest of the World.

Men in Black sure is an interesting series. The first one is great, the second was garbage, and the third was too little too late. Somehow, we are getting a 4th movie this year, but we’ll have to wait and see how that turns out. It’s kinda strange to think, though, that Men in Black […]

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It’s Official! Cactuars Might Just be the Most OP Thing in Anything EVER!

“And here we have Diablos, in a literal food fight with his own food… … And lost.” – Random YouTube Comment. That one comment sums up everything you are about to see quite nicely. Team Darkside… You magnificent bastards! I READ YOUR BOOK—err—I watched your videos! Just when I thought these guys couldn’t do anything […]

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The Stunningly Impressive Story Behind BLINDFOLDED Punch-Out!! is One for the Ages!

Do you have about 40 or so minutes of spare time on your hands? Because I have something to show you! If you are familiar with a little series called Punch Out, then odds are, you aren’t very good at it. If so, don’t feel too bad, it’s totally normal. I’m pretty terrible at it, […]

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River CIty

We Spent a Week in River City, and (Barely) Lived to Tell the Tale!

Oh man, I could really use a nice vacation. I mean, who couldn’t, right? There’s just nothing better than a nice relaxing vacation. But like most things in life, you really gotta be careful what you wish for. Sometimes, you just won’t like what you get. This much was most certainly true for the BrainShart […]

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