Like the MiB Themselves, You Will WISH This Game Stayed a Secret from the Rest of the World.

Men in Black sure is an interesting series. The first one is great, the second was garbage, and the third was too little too late. Somehow, we are getting a 4th movie this year, but we’ll have to wait and see how that turns out.

It’s kinda strange to think, though, that Men in Black as a series was never really one for videogame adaptations. It seems perfect.  The movies and the comics that spawned them are filled with interesting characters, cool alien creatures and AWESOME weapons! Why there aren’t more video games based in this universe is honestly kinda puzzling. Especially seeing just how common movie licensed games were back when the franchise got started.

Then we played this game… and now we understand. This one is a doozy. For a while there, we just had no idea what we were witnessing, and just as we had begun to lose all faith in humanity itself, that’s when something beautiful happened: we discovered the bubble gun!

This might have been the worst game we ever played on the channel, and as much as we dreaded playing any more of it, we are so glad we pushed through! That Bubble bit was probably the single best/most fun moment we ever had filming. That right there should speak volumes about the game itself.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most baffling gameplay experiences of our lives. No joke, we could hardly breathe after that ending. But seriously, who thought this was OK to ship?! Enjoy!

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