It’s Official! Cactuars Might Just be the Most OP Thing in Anything EVER!

“And here we have Diablos, in a literal food fight with his own food… … And lost.” – Random YouTube Comment. That one comment sums up everything you are about to see quite nicely.

Team Darkside… You magnificent bastards! I READ YOUR BOOK—err—I watched your videos!

Just when I thought these guys couldn’t do anything MORE impressive in the world of Monster Hunter, ummm… World… they keep on proving me wrong! Not that I mind of course.

I’ve previously written about how they got the single biggest damage number possible, and how they figured out how to one-hit-kill most of the game’s colorful cast of creatures. But those videos had one thing in common that today’s video DOESN’T. In those past videos, they actually had to, ya know, HIT the monster. Go figure, right?

Well now, they are killing monsters just by looking at them hard enough! It’s like that scene from Scanners! Ok, maybe not, but still.

A semi-accurate depiction of how Team Darkside uses Cactuars in Monster Hunter World

Now, a few months ago, Capcom teamed up with Square Enix for a Final Fantasy collaboration. This mainly brought a new monster in the form of FF’s Behemoth, and new Dragoon Armor and a new weapon. What it also brought was the introduction of FF series staple Cactuar, who would show up under certain circumstances to pester the player, much like the games he hails from.

See, for those unfamiliar, cactuars are infamous for looking like cute little pushover mascots (which they kinda are) but are also capable of dishing out some of the highest, most lethal damage in the game, all at the drop of a hat. They are PURE EVIL!

So it’s nice to see that this concept also made its way into Monster Hunter. So much So that Team Darkside put together this video showing that you can ACTUALLY beat many of the game’s monsters without landing A SINGLE HIT! If you know what you’re doing, which they very much do, you can simply let cactuars do literally ALL of the work.

This video is such a joy to watch!

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