I’ve been a long time fan of Monster hunter. And I DO mean long. We’re talking over a decade here. I’ve been with the series almost since its inception, only first going hands on fully with Monster Hunter Freedom on PSP, tho, I did dabble with the original PS2 release as well.

That’s a very short hand description of my familiarity with the series, but to call me just “a fan” is an understatement. That said, I don’t think I will EVER be so much a fan (let alone as good at the game) as YouTube channel Team Darkside is.

Team Darkside is an interesting channel. They do, what I would describe as the closest thing to “speed running” in a Monster Hunter game, and boy are they good at what they do! They have a knack for making this incredibly challenging and rewarding series look easy and pathetic… and I mean that in the best of ways!

They have been at it for years, and each new video only ends up being more impressive as they go. They push this series to its limits in ways that words can’t really describe.  There’s a LOT to unpack here when it comes to things like math and “damage multipliers” and “motion values” and other technical jargon that most gamers would never really seek to understand, instead, they would just kind of accept as being part of how the game works.

The video I’m posting here is a perfect example of what I mean by this. Check out this amazingly in-depth video showing how they were able to get the ABSOLUTE HIGHEST SINGLE HIT DAMAGE in the game. PERIOD. It’s insane. Check this video out! You won’t be sorry. However, you might need to pick your chin up off the floor and figure out a way to stop your head from spinning! Seriously, the amount of time and effort that went into this video must have been LEGENDARY!

If you liked what you just saw as much as I did, you might wanna head on over to YouTube and give Team Darkside a quick follow and check out the rest of their content.  You’ll be glad you did.

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