You Won’t Believe Your Eyes! These Numbers are INSANE!

Team Darkside is at it again! As a refresher, or if you don’t know who they are, Team Darkside is a Youtube channel dedicated to… how do I put this exactly?… I guess, BREAKING Monster Hunter is a good way to put it. I could never hope to be as good at this series as they are. The amount of prep and skill and coordination that goes into even their simplest of videos is quite literally second to none.

They are no strangers to impressive feats within the game, like that time they got the absolute highest damage number possible in the game, a number that no one in the entire 12 million strong player count has ever witnessed, let alone come even close to. Click here to see how THAT went down!

This time tho, it’s something a little bit “simpler” in that, they have challenged themselves to essentially speed kill every monster available in the game (mostly) using only a SINGLE volley of the gatling gun special ammo available to the Heavy Bowgun. Obviously, it’s not just that simple, or else the game would be pointless and the video wouldn’t be impressive at all.

The Heavy Bowgun. Totally normal and not at all broken… yet…

That said, pretty much anyone can do this, but the amount or pre-hunt prep mixed with a thorough understanding of game mechanics and systems is what makes Team Darkside stand apart from the herd.  The game gives you all the tools you need to make this work, but utilizing said tools properly and actually DOING it, that is what makes these guys special. This video is so satisfying to watch!

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