If Anyone Ever Asks “What is Monster Hunter?” You NEED to Show Them This Video!

I love this video. It’s just THAT simple, really. I’ve been a fan of Monster Hunter since the start (over a decade at the very least). To me, there’s just nothing quite like it in gaming. Seems like hyperbole, but it’s very much true.

Saying that, it’s real shame that, until about a year ago, the West for the most part had no idea what it was. When it comes to this franchise, there seems to only be three types of people: There were people like me who love it to death, then there were those who looked at it for a second or tried it once and felt like it wasn’t “for them”, and by far the biggest camp are the one who would ask “wait, what’s Monster Hunter?”

That question is always hard to answer. The usual answer of “kill things, make stuff out of thing you killed, use said stuff to kill bigger badder things” just isn’t very good for most newcomers, even though it IS totally accurate.

Then comes Maximilian. He has a large YouTube following mainly built around fighting games. This series, being by Capcom, was always on his radar, but he never really paid any real attention to it. But that changed with the release of the Monster Hunter World Beta.

Why do I bring this up? I do this because, as a fan, there is nothing quite as magical as seeing someone actually start to “get it.” The moment this series “clicks” with someone is really a special thing. Seeing Max and his crew going from “I casually know about this” to becoming die hard fans in the span of 15 or so minutes is just utterly surreal and fantastic!

The energy and hype in the room is palpable and, as an added benefit, you can see the true essence of Monster Hunter and the thrill of the hunt itself condensed into just one amazing video. So much so, that next time someone asks me “what is Monster Hunter?” I’m just gonna show them this video. If this doesn’t make you wanna jump in to see what you’ve been missing out on, then nothing will.

If you liked what you just saw as much as I did, you might wanna head on over to YouTube and give Maximilian Dood a quick follow and check out the rest of his content.  You’ll be glad you did.

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