The Stunningly Impressive Story Behind BLINDFOLDED Punch-Out!! is One for the Ages!

Do you have about 40 or so minutes of spare time on your hands? Because I have something to show you! If you are familiar with a little series called Punch Out, then odds are, you aren’t very good at it. If so, don’t feel too bad, it’s totally normal. I’m pretty terrible at it, always have been. That’s what makes people who actually ARE good at it even more impressive.

Now, I’ve always been a fan of speed runs in general, but speed runs of Punch Out, to me, are on a whole other level! One of the most impressive things in speed running is when people who know these games well enough to the point where they can literally do it with their eyes closed. I’ve written about TMR doing his blindfoled and deathless Battletoads Turbo Tunnels in the past, but then I saw blindfolded Punch Out. Boy is that something else!

It’s one thing to watch a speed run and be amazed (which I have) but it’s the history behind it that really seals the deal. When you watch a speed run, you often only see it at face value, then you move on. I never knew the reason WHY Blindfolded Punch Out was so impressive, only that it WAS impressive. But there is SO MUCH going on behind the scenes, it makes for a really great story.

And that story is exactly what YouTuber Summoning Salt set out to tell with this fantastic documentary detailing the story behind the scenes of Blind Punch Out speed running. It’s a really interesting and informative watch. It’s nice to get to know the faces of the people who made it possible, how they failed, how they succeeded, and how a community of people came together to not only show how much a 30 year old game has evolved in just the last 4 or 5 years of its life, but how they overcame once impossible odds to defeat their ultimate enemy—the man himself, Mike Tyson! Check this out below, you won’t be sorry!

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