After Playing These Games, You Might Just End Up Rooting for Skynet!

Ya know what? I think enough time has officially passed to declare the Terminator franchise was a fluke. Don’t get me wrong, Terminator remains one of the finest examples of modern Sci-fi ever created. T2 is very much still one of the greatest sequels ever made, in terms of living up to and even surpassing its predecessor. Those movies are priceless classics in every sense.

But that was over 20 years ago. Fast forward to today, and you start to notice that, no matter how good those first two were, we now live in a world where there exists FAR MORE bad entries than good ones. It’s kinda sad when you think about it. I mean, if they had stopped after T3, the franchise as a whole would seem like less of a joke.

Now, I only bring this up because, even at its worst, the Terminator franchise still had its glory days. Strange to think tho, that said glory days also gave rise to some of the absolute WORST gaming adaptations I have ever seen. Stranger still, is that as the series got worse, the games got better. Mostly by not existing at all, or at least not in such great numbers.

You can thank the infamous schlock auteurs over at LJN for most of this. Granted, Terminator was far from the only franchise to be bastardized by these people, but considering the time these games were made, it’s shocking they were allowed to exist. Maybe LJN was actually Skynet, and they went back in time to try to kill the franchise off before it REALLY went to shit! If so, then they failed, and the Human resistance of Hollywood sadly won…

And so I present to you this “fine” selection of trash that we have forced ourselves to trudge through for your viewing pleasure. A veritable smorgasbord of busted controls, questionable sprite animations and overall bad decisions, with a side helping of TOTALLY not-dead cops. I give you: License to Suck: Terminator 2!

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