Monster Hunter

We love Monster Hunter. I mean, we really REALLY love Monster Hunter. Odds are we will be covering it more than most games on our blog, so it might as well have its own section. Happy Hunting!


FINALLY! The Best Series in Gaming Has Some ACTUAL Competition!

We here at BrainShartStudios are huge fans of Monster Hunter. That’s mostly John and I, but we have been successful, at long last, at converting Panda as well, after years of trying. The weird thing about Monster Hunter, that seems to be oddly exclusive to it in the greater gaming landscape, is that Monster Hunter […]

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If Anyone Ever Asks “What is Monster Hunter?” You NEED to Show Them This Video!

I love this video. It’s just THAT simple, really. I’ve been a fan of Monster Hunter since the start (over a decade at the very least). To me, there’s just nothing quite like it in gaming. Seems like hyperbole, but it’s very much true. Saying that, it’s real shame that, until about a year ago, […]

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I’ve been a long time fan of Monster hunter. And I DO mean long. We’re talking over a decade here. I’ve been with the series almost since its inception, only first going hands on fully with Monster Hunter Freedom on PSP, tho, I did dabble with the original PS2 release as well. That’s a very […]

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