My Personal Top 10 for Iceborne. I Can’t WAIT to See How I Did!

With Iceborne quickly approaching (and a brand new super hype website that that lacks content and needs fans and clicks) I thought it might be fun to offer up  my take on the latest expansion and speculate on what monsters I’d personally like to see added to the game. It’ll be interesting to see how right (or how wrong) I am come release.

First thing’s first, for you newcomers who have never experienced G Rank expansions before (which this very much is, make no mistake) it’s generally FAR more than a new difficulty level. And it also isn’t just about making existing monsters harder, which they DO. And generally, the amount of added monsters  is FAR from minimal. For example, when Monster Hunter Tri released back in 2009, there were only 18 or so Large Monsters, while the G expansion released in 2011 increased the roster to 50+. That is quite a jump, and that is only ONE example. If you think Iceborne won’t continue the trend, I’m willing to bet good money you’d be wrong.

That said, I obviously can’t speculate on new monsters, but here is my list of the Top 10 monsters I’d like to see return in Iceborne. I should note, however, that as I was starting to think about writing this list, the first real official Iceborne trailer was revealed. I only bring this up because, Tigrex was on the top of my list, but now that he has been all but OFFICIALLY shown, it’s been heavily implied that he will be included alongside his cousin Nargacuga. So, no Tiggy on this list, however that does bring us into the first entry on my Top 10, which is…

#10 Barioth

Monster Hunter World has a really odd lack of Ice (or even water for that matter) based monsters. Not to be confused with BARROTH (seriously, who came up with THAT?) Barioth, fits perfectly into that niche and the overall theme of Iceborne in general. Also, with Nargacuga and Tigrex already there and seeing as the 3 monsters all share the same skeleton, Barioth’s inclusion really just seems like a no-brainer.

#9 Gore Magala

If it weren’t for World’s inclusion of Barroth, Uragaan and Deviljho, I would have thought that any monsters that were exclusively Nintendo properties (or at least from entries that were only ever on Nintendo systems) would be totally off limits. But lo and behold, they were included in World anyway, so I guess nothing is REALLY off the table.

Personally, I think the chances are low, seeing how Gore Magala has an entire gameplay mechanic and status effect exclusive to him and only him. That said though, I want him included simply because the fight would look absolutely GORGEOUS in full HD! His rage mode, and the subsequent changes it brings to the surrounding environment and his character model, would be simply stunning! It helps, too, that his armor and weapons looks super badass, and that’s enough for me really.

#8 Nerscylla

Speaking of Nintendo-brand monsters, this giant ugly spider creature is another beast I’d like to see in HD. I’d mostly want him (her?) in there just to see how it would interact with the larger open and layered environments already in World. This beastie always excelled at using its environment against the hunter. With next gen tech to back it up, a fight with Nerscylla would be a real sight to behold. Also, a giant spider would bring in some much needed variety to the game’s bestiary.

#7 Glavenus

Glavenus is another monster that just kinda just makes sense. Now of course, there’s the Nintendo thing, but we already know that’s not a limiter. What COULD be though, is the fact that he was one of the flagships of Monster Hunter Generations and because of that, he is very much tied to the “story” of that game specifically.  I don’t know how much that really matters in the grand scheme of things.

However, I do think that, much like Barioth, his inclusion COULD be a no-brainer. Maybe. And that is thanks largely to the inclusion of Anjanath and Deviljho and how the three monsters all seem to share the same (or at least very similar) skeletons, which we have come to find out is one of the deciding factors when making the roster in general. He’s a damn fun fight too.  If you have only played World, and you think you have seen it all with Anjanath, trust me, you haven’t seen ANYTHING yet!

#6 Astalos

This is an easy one. Simply re-read the last entry on the list and it’s pretty much the same thing. Another of the “Fated Four” just like Glavenus, Astalos is another monster that just kinda “works.” Its skeleton is very similar to that of Rathalos and Rathian too, so the hard part is already done. At the end of the day though, I just wanna see this thing in HD! This translucent insectoid wyvern that fires literal lightning bolts from his ass (any Bravehart fans out there?) would be quite impressive, indeed.

#5 Khezu

Yeah, yeah, I know. No one REALLY likes this monster. His patterns are annoying, his hit box has always been fairly… suspect is a good word, and he has no music since its blind, which makes the fight kinda boring. Or it makes fighting it even more terrifying, depending on who you ask. So why do I want it? Mostly to see how next-gen tech would handle him.  The graphics alone would make this fight worth it. Imagine how much more gruesome they can make it when you hack away at this giant, droopy Blanka dong. Just close your eyes and imagine its flabby hide realistically ripple as you smack it. Simply terrifying! I want it!

#4 Alatreon & Orochi Kirin

Not really much to say here. Sorry to cheat a bit with a twofer, but there’s a good reason for that. They were both rumored to be included in World since the initial leaks, but unlike everything else on that list that eventually came true, Alatreon and Orochi Kirin, never made it. I do feel like both will be making it into the game though. Just because World is officially “done” with new content, it makes sense to include them in Iceborne instead. Also it’s worth noting that both monsters ARE ice based monsters too. Makes ya think…

#3 Zamtrios

Another ice monster for the ice expansion. Sure. That’s the easiest sort of inclusion for this list, it would seem. But I want him for a different reason; mainly, one of redemption. Everyone’s favorite marshmallow shark first made a (quite literal) splash in his debut in Monster Hunter 4 (in Japan) and monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (in the US). But there’s a problem with that. Those games were on the 3DS. Now, while the games themselves were quite graphically impressive for what they were, Zamtrios stood out among the rest because, even though he still looked as good as everything else, his special “unique” attack was somewhat…. less impressive.

He would suck in a bunch of air and puff up into a giant ball of fluff. Thanks to the hardware limitations, this move just looked kinda off. It was ugly, but it was serviceable. Next gen tech could reverse that however, and make this inflatable monstrosity into a technical marvel. Also, there IS precedence for this type of mechanic already in World with everyone’s favorite Puff-Bat, Paolumu, who has a very similar (if more understated) move set. Not holding my breath on this one, but I think it would be so cool to see this fight in a much less goofy light.  

#2 Lagiacrus

Leviathans were such an interesting addition to the franchise. Mainly added because of the underwater combat in Monster Hunter Tri, the concept of having monsters who could fight on both land and under water was a pretty great idea. Each leviathan basically became two different monsters rolled into one, depending of where the fight took you. Lots of people, however, didn’t like water fighting. Once water fights were removed, Leviathans persisted. Results were mixed.

Lagiacrus would be a shining example of out-of-water leviathan fighting done right. They added enough to its move set to make him quite formidable and a very fun fight that will keep even the most seasoned hunter on his/her toes. The armor, the weapons, even the fight itself are some of my favorites in the series, so I really wanna see all of it come back with a new shiny coat of paint and spiffy new particle effects.

Also, that leaked test footage from World’s early stages of development featured this beastie. He was confirmed to just be a glorified placeholder of sorts, however. That never sat right with me though, so I’d love to see Lagiacrus make a triumphant comeback!

#1 Zinogre

I love Zinogre. His design. His animations. His moves. His music. All of it is just exquisite! Basically Monster Hunter’s version of the Big Bad Wolf, Zinogre is a highly energetic, highly agile monster that is just so satisfying to overcome. Once you figure out how to fight him, and how to avoid him, it really becomes a dance. And a surprisingly graceful dance as well.

Then there is his hyper rage mode, where he pretty much goes Super Saiyan on you and starts crackling with lightning energy. A very imposing sight to see. And then there is his cousin, the Stygian Zinogre, which is pretty much the same, except replace the word “lightning” with “pure evil” and there ya go.

I want, no, NEED this monster in Iceborne! This fight in full HD would probably be one of the greatest things this series could ever produce. Also, he would be the perfect thing for newer players who think they “know” Monster Hunter just because they started with World and put hundreds of hours into it. Zinogre would be a solid wake up call and really give new players a run for their money! Doubly so if he was an early to mid-game monster. Welcome to G Rank!

Honorable mentions


Lots of subspecies are really just cop outs. Some are very different, or at least different enough to warrant some sort of inclusion. The Sandy Barioth, for example would make for a solid fight in the Wildspire Wastes, and would offer up a different challenge than his icy brethren. I’d love to see an ice based variant on Anjanath as well. Maybe make him shoot cold blasts from its mouth instead of fire and give it, I dunno, blue skin and jet black fur or something. I just want more reasons to fight “old” monsters. New weapons and armors with different elemental affinities and resistances goes a long way! That goes double for subspecies!

Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos

Speaking of subspecies, this one kinda needs to happen regardless. You already have Pink and Azure, but Gold and Silver are like the true test of a hunter’s mastery in the “Rath” category. These fights are something special and NOT to be taken lightly. Also, it’s worth noting that, generally, they make some of the best, most sought after equipment in the game, and it always looks pretty cool too. This has to happen. Come on Capcom!

Black, Red and White Fatalis

World lacks fun and interesting event style fights. Gone are the days of Lao Shan Lung and Jhen Mohran, for better or worse. Kulve Taroth is great, but you can’t fight him whenever you want, you have to wait for the devs to allow it. Xeno is genuinely awesome, and Zorah Magdaros is cool LOOKING, but lame and boring to fight, and both show up randomly. This fan favorite trilogy of monsters could be just the thing the game needs. Imagine the best of both worlds where you can ALWAYS fight a Fatalis if you want, but maybe the type would change out periodically. I’d be down for that.


I hate this monster. I hate this fight. I don’t really want him in the game, so he didn’t make the list. I put him here because, you don’t HAVE TO LIKE every monster in order to fight them. He wouldn’t be the first, or the last. I will say that he is, at very least, a very unique and cool looking monster. He’s basically a Minotaur on steroids. Also, like Zinogre, he has a really awesome (and HIGHLY dangerous) hyper mode that would look admittedly stunning in HD. So I guess it would be an ok addition.

Yian Kut Ku

This is only here for nostalgic reasons. Not a particularly fun or interesting fight. Not really hard either. It’s just kinda like Rathalos, in that this monster is just SO classic Monster Hunter. It almost doesn’t FEEL like Monster Hunter without including this guy in some sort of capacity. Highly doubtful, but it would be a nice touch. Also, it would be a good intro monster for G Rank too, so there’s that at least.

And there is my list. I’m curious to find out how I did once the game comes out. What do you think of my list? What would YOU have added? Let me know down below. If you’re still here, then come on over and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and see what we’re all about. Happy hunting!

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