Duck Dynasty

Can Three City-Slickers Survive the Harsh World of Rich Hillbilly Duck Hunting?

Ahhh, Duck Dynasty. I’m happy to say that I have NEVER seen a single episode! But that didn’t stop us from experiencing one of the most miserable video game misfires of the last decade. It feels like some sort of fever dream of badness. And glitches. OHHHH THE GLITCHES!

Duck Dynasty defies all logic. It manages to stumble in literally every category, which is actually kinda impressive.  Somehow, it falls short of all expectations, while at the same time, exceeding them… granted, for all the wrong reasons. It was made for both no one AND everyone. Literally EVERY aspect of it is fundamentally flawed in more ways than I can count…

… And then they made it into a videogame!

HA! See what I did there?! HAHAHAHA…haha… he… This game killed our souls…

BUT! If not for this piece of crap, we never would have come up with the idea for our show, “License to SUCK” so, what else can I say? I mean, other than “we’re sorry!”

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