Slam, Jam, No Thank You, Ma’am!

Space Jam. Some love it. Some hate it. Some love to hate it, some hate to love it. That might sound obtuse and confusing, but then again, so is the very concept of Space Jam on its own. Let’s do Roger Rabbit, but with the Looney Toons and Michael Jordan, who will play a basketball […]

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Did We Just Find the Literal Bottom of the Barrel? Thanks, Nintendo!

“Ping pong, or as the Chinese say: “Ping pong”” There you go everybody, the only funny (ish) line from 2007’s Balls of Fury! I just saved all of you from seeing it! You can now spend the next hour and a half of your life doing something more productive, like staring at a wall for […]

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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes! These Numbers are INSANE!

Team Darkside is at it again! As a refresher, or if you don’t know who they are, Team Darkside is a Youtube channel dedicated to… how do I put this exactly?… I guess, BREAKING Monster Hunter is a good way to put it. I could never hope to be as good at this series as […]

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FINALLY! The Best Series in Gaming Has Some ACTUAL Competition!

We here at BrainShartStudios are huge fans of Monster Hunter. That’s mostly John and I, but we have been successful, at long last, at converting Panda as well, after years of trying. The weird thing about Monster Hunter, that seems to be oddly exclusive to it in the greater gaming landscape, is that Monster Hunter […]

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The year was 2009.  Johnny Business, brand new CEO of Video Game Corp, has a gift. What kind of gift, you ask? He has always ALWAYS had his exceptionally long finger on the pulse of society. He knows what the people want. And he is NEVER wrong. Video Game Corp had been on a losing […]

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