And You Thought DmC was the Worst Classic Game Makeover Ever… You Ain’t Seen NOTHIN’ Yet!

“After our first video together, Panda spent a couple years rotting away in a North Korean prison camp. They were nice enough to let him out long enough to let us film this little gem of a game. After playing for a couple hours, he promptly went back to serve his term saying “Now this […]

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“You Want a Bad Game? I’ll Give You a Bad Game You Won’t BELIEVE!” – John Rambo

Who doesn’t like Rambo? Well, one could argue that the “fine folks” who made this dreaded abomination clearly don’t. I mean, how could they? If these people gave even the slightest of craps about the license, then how does one explain this game? This game is BUSTED in every single sense of the word. Now, […]

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If Anyone Ever Asks “What is Monster Hunter?” You NEED to Show Them This Video!

I love this video. It’s just THAT simple, really. I’ve been a fan of Monster Hunter since the start (over a decade at the very least). To me, there’s just nothing quite like it in gaming. Seems like hyperbole, but it’s very much true. Saying that, it’s real shame that, until about a year ago, […]

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I’ve been a long time fan of Monster hunter. And I DO mean long. We’re talking over a decade here. I’ve been with the series almost since its inception, only first going hands on fully with Monster Hunter Freedom on PSP, tho, I did dabble with the original PS2 release as well. That’s a very […]

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This is THE MOST IMPRESSIVE Thing I’ve Ever Seen! And to Think, HE Couldn’t!

Speed running. I don’t care if you are the most seasoned hardcore gamer or someone who hasn’t touched a game since Pac-Man, speed running is impressive regardless of your background. The fact alone that there are people who dedicate their lives to learning the ins and out of a game so much that they can […]

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