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Our Channel was Going Great… And Then the Fire Nation Attacked…

I’m about to say something that may be considered HIGHLY OFFENSIVE to some people, so TRIGGER WARNING!!!! Ok? You ready? Last chance… Alright, here we go… *breathes in* I’ve never seen a single episode of Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender! I know, I know! I’m a terrible person, and I deserve to be publicly beaten […]

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After Playing These Games, You Might Just End Up Rooting for Skynet!

Ya know what? I think enough time has officially passed to declare the Terminator franchise was a fluke. Don’t get me wrong, Terminator remains one of the finest examples of modern Sci-fi ever created. T2 is very much still one of the greatest sequels ever made, in terms of living up to and even surpassing […]

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And You Thought Batman & Robin was the Most Embarrasing Thing the Caped Crusader has Ever Done…

Batman Forever will forever (HA! Get it?!) be a guilty pleasure for me. Actually, the same goes for all three of us. From Jim Carrey playing Jim Carrey, to Tommy Lee Jones yucking it up as Lando Calrissian and Bat-nipples for days, what’s NOT to like? There are many fond memories to be had about […]

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Remember That Time Suda51 and Dark Souls had a Baby? How Long Will Three Idiots Last Before They Break?

We love Suda51. His games have provided us with so much pleasure over the years. From Killer 7, to No More Heroes to Lollypop Chainsaw, and everything in between, there has been so much entertainment to be had. Really, REALLY specifically odd entertainment. There really is nothing quite like a Suda game. I always looked […]

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Slam, Jam, No Thank You, Ma’am!

Space Jam. Some love it. Some hate it. Some love to hate it, some hate to love it. That might sound obtuse and confusing, but then again, so is the very concept of Space Jam on its own. Let’s do Roger Rabbit, but with the Looney Toons and Michael Jordan, who will play a basketball […]

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